Channels Partners


The goal of the Nextwells Channel Program for LongView Plus is to power your business through unprecedented growth and profit by exclusively focusing on delivering security without compromise.
Nextwells ’s partner program delivers results by:

Empowering Your Business
Make more money while selling LongView plus. Our partner program is designed to help your business provide unmatched multi-threat security solutions, while assuring a profitable contribution to your business.

Enabling Your Growth
A Nextwells channel model means that our partners are an extension of the company, so we’re constantly creating marketing and enablement programs specifically designed to drive demand.

Leading the Industry
Organizations are re-evaluating their existing strategies to achieve a deep digital transformation in the company. LongView plus is a business integrated application that systematizes the entire value chain of Oil & Gas field service operations.

Channels are classified into three different levels, as described in the following table. Premier, Silver and Gold partners have an increasing level of involvement with the clients in the tasks of lead generation, sales conversion and service delivery. Premier partners spot the opportunities and deliver them to Nextwells for development. Silver partners get involved in the sales process but not in delivery of services. Finally, Gold partners are fully involved with clients in discovering opportunities and lead generation, sales, implementation and service delivery.

A Premier partner must have local presence and a strong network in the oil & gas sector. Ability to generate leads, but not the ability to execute sales or post-sale services. It doesn’t provide support.
Nextwells provides training to prepare personnel to identify sale opportunities and lead generation. Partner receives commissions of first year new account revenues and commission on consulting revenue

A Silver partner must have local presence, at least one person trained in sales, and one person to provide level 1 support.
Partner receives commission of first year new account revenues, plus of recurring renewal revenue after the first year without time limit. Consulting work will be structured as a joint venture. Division of work and fees to be done on the basis of the availability and professional caliber of partner’s consultants.

A Gold partner must have in-house marketing, sales, technical support, and consulting resources. Capable of handling Level 1 and 2 of technical support. Must commit to agreed sales goals.
Commission of first year new account revenues, plus recurring renewal revenue after the first year without time limit. Typically, a Gold partner leads the projects and executes the bulk of consulting work.

Alliance Partners
Nextwells® develops strategic alliances with companies that share our vision to provide end-to-end software solutions to small, mid-sized, and large enterprises so that their users can successfully compete in their marketplace. Nextwells alliance partners understand the benefits gained through successful strategic partnering and are committed to provide industry-leading solutions. Find out more about Nextwells ’s products by exploring the industry, product, and solutions pages of this site. To express interest in a partnership with Nextwells , please write to