is a seamlessly integrated digital solution that systematizes the entire value chain of Oil & Gas field service operations. It is built under the SaaS delivery model and allows users to access data and all functionalities from any personal device. As part of the value created by digital transformation, organizations with are able to establish, manage, and monitor integrated operational/quality. In addition, improves business performance, records data, and meets risk management requirements.

is a world-class, cloud-based platform intelligently designed to ‘LEAN’ the service delivery process of upstream service providers and safeguard both operational and corporate data.

By digitalizing well service operations, maximizes business efficiency, integrates performance, and provides service management with easily accessible predefined KPIs.

Digital upstream operations and advanced well service management are now available to all service companies


brings numerous benefits for competitive oil&gas service companies. This cloud-based application manages – in real time – operational and corporate documentation. is a digital record repository for all the paperwork generated during field-based operations, maintenance, equipment certifications, technical-assurance, training, tracking competences, and management of customer satisfaction.

oil&gas service organizations will have the benefit of using with a low-cost monthly subscription because is an SaaS application. The subscription includes a web-based license that provides technical support, personalized training, and outsourced IT responsibility. For small to medium size upstream service companies aiming for digitalization in all processes, reduces upfront expenses (low initial capital expenditure) and offers a web browser-like user interface; not only within the organization, but also with all business partners (customers and clients).

is a tailored, enterprise-ready application. It can be customized to fit the user’s business processes. Regardless of which enterprise system your company is using, will empower your effectiveness by providing: anytime & anywhere accesibility


 Timely (real time) operational information empowers management to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce non-productive time

 Audit-ready information systems and API spec Q2 compliance open the doors to small and medium sized companies to become preferred service providers to larger oil companies

 Thorough risk management systems reduce the risk of accidents and accidental losses

 Digital transformation increases the value and profitability of your enterprise

  is a powerful differentiator that enhances the ability to compete

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uses real-time data to manage and monitor operational decision-making through a wide range of predefined reports and KPI's. The interfaces in offer unlimited operational management capabilities. The main features include customized data acquisition of daily operations, non-productive time, asset management, personnel competencies and customer satisfaction.

gathers and stores accurate data, which aimes at analysis, prediction, prevention and mitigation of asset failures over time. Failure-free services from upstream service supply organizations not just satisfy customers, but also secure long-term business partnership in current uncertain market. offers both maintenance management and business analytics.

ensures full compliance with API Spec Q2 and its Quality Management System requirements. With , oil/gas service supply organizations will implement digitalization of quality management processes, mainly in areas of – to name a few – document control, traceability, management of change, technical authorities, risk management, corrective/preventive actions, monitoring, measurement, improvement, contingency plans, customer relations and auditing.

also uses a digital platform to manage both operational and corporate safety. From risk assessment and emergency response plans to personnel LTI analysis and journey management, LongViewPlus provides unlimited means of implementing and monitoring safety management systems.


All functionalities of are possible thanks to a thoroughly designed series of fit-for-purpose data-entry, reporting, analysis and decision-making modules. The standard, commercial version of LongViewPlus includes:


The Support area is made up of a team of IT engineers responsible for solving the problems that arise in the management of the Platform, and/or giving recommendations during the daily interaction with users, in order to obtain Customer Satisfaction. Support is provided, according to the clients’ time zone, during normal working hours, 5 days a week..

A Support Ticketing System tracks any support request from the start through the final resolution of the issue. Support can be provided by phone or email.

There are three customer service levels:
Standard level. A telephone call to the call center in the USA.
Intermediate level. A telephone call to the call center in the USA.
Expert Level. A telephone call to the call center in the USA. Calls are answered by engineers with a high level of experience.

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